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Starting therapy

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

It can be very daunting to ask for help from a therapist.

The therapist is a non-judgemental person, solely there to support you and to meet your mental health needs. If/when you decide to contact me I will offer you an initial assessment. This lasts for about an hour where we will meet (face to face or online) to:

- Talk generally about what is happening for you

- For you to ask me any questions

- With no obligation, to decide whether we can work together

- Setting your therapeutic goals

Once we have decided to start our therapeutic work, you will need make a weekly commitment to attend sessions. It is important that we meet weekly to build the trust and for you to start to unpack underlying issues.

Not only do we use talking therapy, we can also use EMDR where appropriate. I will explain every step along the way so you are in control of what we work through.


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