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GDPR Policy

1. Information that Tarryn collects

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for individuals and outlines how personal information about you is collected, stored and shared. This page details Tarryn's GDPR policy (previously known as Privacy Policy).  By contacting Tarryn Cohen, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out in this GDPR policy.

The information you give Tarryn is used solely for the purpose of providing you, the client, with the highest possible level of service.  Tarryn is dedicated to providing the highest levels of service and treats the confidentiality and privacy of all clients very seriously.
What information will Tarryn collect from her psychotherapy via general enquiries ? 

  •  Your name

  •  Your phone number

  •  Your email address

  •  The nature of your enquiry​

What information will Tarryn collect during the course of your psychotherapy or relationship counselling work together ? 

  •  Your home address

  •  Your nationality

  •  Your occupation or current circumstances   (e.g.  student details, unemployed, etc)

  •  Date of birth

  •  Your GP's details 

  •  Medical history if relevant

  •  Psychological medical history

  •  Previous counselling or psychotherapy   treatment

  •  Current medication, if applicable

  •  Reason(s) for working with Tarryn and the  associated details

  •  Session summaries / EMDR treatment log and plan.

2. How Tarryn stores your information
Web services controlled by 3rd parties

Email and contacts

Tarryn will store your email address and any email correspondence using Google Wokspace (formery Gsuite). This is a resilient and secure cloud service.

Appointments, scheduling and invoicing

Tarryn uses Cliniko to self-manage appointments, automate appointment reminders and to provide the Booking Portal functionality. Tarryn online appointment system also records payments and invoices.  Any bank details or payment card details are not stored in Tarryn's systems.

Electronic devices

All business devices are used solely by Tarryn. Devices are kept up to date with latest security patches. Where applicable, virus checking and malware protection is also used.

Digital notepad: The majority of sessional information is created and stored electronically using this password protected device. Tarryn uses shorthand for these notes and no identifying information is written.

​Electronic devices continued....

  • PC: Using password authentication and device encryption.

  • Dedicated work mobile: Using biometric security and device encryption.

    • Tarryn may store your mobile phone number, and any texts or instant messages you may have sent her, along with your first name and an initial for your surname. 

    • She will store this for the duration of your work together and after a year, will delete your number from her phone. 

Paper notes

Hand-written notes are occasionally created. These notes are filed securely in a locked cabinet. Tarryn uses shorthand and no identifying information is written - Only initials and the date along with:

  • What the session entailed

  • Which psychotherapeutic avenues we explored or used.

Deletion and removal of data

Six years after termination of therapy, Tarryn will destroy all paper and electronic information pertaining to the therapy with the client. To comply with HMRC and tax requirements for sole traders, Tarryn will keep invoices and proof of payment on file for six years after the transaction date.


There is CCTV operating in public areas of Hubspace. This is security purposes only and the prevention of crime. It covers the car park and shared corridors. Data is stored using cloud backup and the retention period is 1 month.

Will Tarryn share your personal information?  

Tarryn does not sell, loan, rent or share personal data with any third parties. Your contact details and personal information will never be shared with outside parties apart from the following exemptions:

Liaising with other health practitioners

In some cases, and with your approval Tarryn may communicate with other health practitioners involved in your overall care. Should this be recommended Tarryn will first seek your permission to engage with any medical 3rd party.

​Clinical Supervision

As a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) Tarryn complies with the requirement to attend regular (monthly) supervision with a qualified psychotherapy supervisor. Aspects of some client cases may be discussed but under no circumstances will your full name, contact details or any other identifying information or detail be shared or revealed to her supervisor. ​​

Therapeutic Will

Tarryn has a "Therapeutic Will".  This means, in the event of death, illness or hospitalisation, she has appointed an Executor to make contact with current clients to inform them of the situation and advise as to the options. This Executor has no prior access to client contact detail.  In the case of death, the appointed Executor has instructions to personally burn or shred all written client notes and delete from Tarryn's personal computer all client contact details.


It is highly unusual for a psychotherapist to have to break client confidentiality.  There are guidelines as to when that may happen and Tarryn adheres to these guidelines.  If Tarryn believes your or another person's safety is at risk (e.g suicide), she may contact the suitable authority (e.g GP).  Tarryn will, in the first instance, discuss this with you to seek your permission.  However, in rare circumstances, such as terrorism, crime, risk of suicide or harm to others Tarryn will do so without your permission.  Tarryn is required by Law to pass on information relating to acts of terrorism and ongoing abuse of children or the vulnerable. 

Client rights

As a client, you have the right to: 

  • Be informed as to what information Tarryn holds about you which identifies you

  • To see any information Tarryn holds about you which identifies you

  • To rectify any inaccurate or incomplete personal information

  • To withdraw consent to Tarryn using your personal information

  • To request that some or all of your personal information be erased.  Tarryn can decline this request if it violates competent, safe and lawful practice ​

If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy,

please contact me.

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